KIA is one of the leading brands in the automotive industry. While the manufacturer’s sedans, and particularly, their hatchbacks, may not be as popular as the big three – Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford – they do a roaring trade with their lightweight commercial use trucks. The perception may be that it makes good business sense to purchase a Kia truck, given that it is a lot cheaper than those mass produced by the abovementioned rivals.

But the KIA truck, uncharacteristically light in weight, is still able to manage heavy loads. It also has fuel efficiency on its side. And today’s latest KIAs, the sedans and hatchbacks are today littered with safety features. Today, it is quite easy to go online and pick out a list of top 5 safety features on new Kia’s. This short summary, however, will focus on mentioning broadly the typical features that determine how safe the car is going to be to drive.

top 5 safety features on new Kia

With more time on your hands perhaps, you can spend your reading time going through safety feature highlights in depth and in more detail. For the time being, a quick reference to as many safety features is being made. Warning systems included alert the driver to a potential forward collision and the potential for an accident once higher than allowed speeds have been exceeded. At the same time, low speed warnings are also installed.

An automatic emergency braking system is installed as well. Stability control assists the driver when he is about to lose control of the car or his driving. In the event of an accident, as much cushioning as possible is provided by way of front and rear side curtain airbags.  Safe as houses. Or should that read; safe as the Kia.

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